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About this journal

The Brazilian Society of Mastology (SBM) was founded in 1959 and was later recognized by the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB) and the Medicine Federal Council (CFM) in 1978 and 1989, respectively. In 1982, an analysis of cur- ricular pro ciency was conducted to qualify the rst specialists and, in 1986, the rst contest of the Designation of Mastology Specialist (TEMA) was performed based on evidence.

e Boletim da SBM (SBM Bulletin) was edited in the 1980s, which was focused on providing news and small updates. However, an o cial department of the society to publish research and scienti c rationale of national authors was still lacking.

On August 1991, the Revista Brasileira de Mastologia (Brazilian Journal of Mastology) was born. It was created by the SBM presi- dent at that time, the entrepreneur and idealist Antônio Figueira Filho, with the support of Marconi Luna, the diligent general direc- tor. Its rst editors were: Antônio Figueira Filho, Henrique M. Salvador Silva and Jairo L. Coelho Jr. ere was also a commission of writers comprised of Carlos Henrique Menke, Ezio N. Dias, José A. Ribeiro Filho, José Baptista da Silva Neto and Orlando Silva Telles, besides an editorial board with representatives of many state regionals.

e rst edition of the journal included: a presentation – “A Mastologia no Brasil” [Mastology in Brazil] by Antônio Figueira Filho; an editorial – “Câncer de Mama” [Breast Cancer] by Jorge Marsillac; an original article – “Ginecomastia: importância do diagnóstico etiológico na orientação do tratamento” [Gynecomastia: importance of the etiological diagnosis in treatment guidance] by Guido M. C. Magalhães and Harlen T. Merched; three updates – “ e current state of breast cancer surgery” by John Hayward, “Câncer da mama masculina” [Male breast cancer] by Ézio N. Dias, “O seio: uma visão psicanalítica” [ e breast: a psychoanalytical view] by Sônia C. da Silva; a case report – “Cisticercose da mama” [Breast Cysticercosis] by Lair B. C. Ribeiro, Hélio Eloy A. Dias and Lygia S. Cunha.

Since its creation, the journal has been published successfully without interruptions. It was rst published every four months and then every three months. e e ort of its successive editors and members of the editorial boards should be commended. e jour- nal was able to achieve registration in the bibliographic indices Scielo and Lilacs. Recently, the texts started being digitalized and accessed through the Internet, which is a re ex of modernity.

For practical purposes, the journal has accomplished its purposes and achieved distinction and importance. e journal is 26-year-old and mature; therefore, it should face a new phase, with publication of articles in English in order to extend its promotion at an international level.

– Alfredo Carlos S. D. Barros
– Cícero de Andrade Urban